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Final Project Article with Survey

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School Start Time Infographic

Here's My Infographic! This survey was created in order to understand how students felt about the current high school start time. I wanted to know if students really were upset with the way that the school functioned and why. I found that many students were both upset about the school start time, but were also concerned about their ability to participate in clubs after school and to complete all of their homework. This survey has shown that the school is in a real dilemma now and I doubt a simple solution can come of this. If any meaningful change is to take place, the school board might want to put out a similar survey with a larger sample size to make an educated decision. Perhaps all the data and research confirming that later start times are better for teens will finally be legitimately looked at, rather than the lackluster anecdotal complaints from parents and the few teens who benefit from or enjoy the current schedule.

10 Breakthrough Technologies Reactions

While reading this article, two particular entries intrigued me the most. I've always been fascinated and terrified by the advancement of artificial intelligence and how some significant advancement is starting to take place in this industry. Starting with robot dexterity, I think that it is a bit creepy that we are starting to make machines that can mimic the way that humans move and interact with the world. There have always been basic machines, but now we are faced with robots that can learn via trial and error. This isn't necessarily the same way that humans interact with objects, but it still is troublesome to know that a machine can learn how to do something like this! For example, a project called Dactyl produced a robot that learned to flip a block in its fingers. I know that this is a relatively simple feat, but it is concerning that the robot did this all on its own, and what is creepy about this is that the robot used a neural-network to achieve its goal! This is a…