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10 Breakthrough Technologies Reactions

While reading this article, two particular entries intrigued me the most. I've always been fascinated and terrified by the advancement of artificial intelligence and how some significant advancement is starting to take place in this industry. Starting with robot dexterity, I think that it is a bit creepy that we are starting to make machines that can mimic the way that humans move and interact with the world. There have always been basic machines, but now we are faced with robots that can learn via trial and error. This isn't necessarily the same way that humans interact with objects, but it still is troublesome to know that a machine can learn how to do something like this! For example, a project called Dactyl produced a robot that learned to flip a block in its fingers. I know that this is a relatively simple feat, but it is concerning that the robot did this all on its own, and what is creepy about this is that the robot used a neural-network to achieve its goal! This is a…
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Fake News Review Assignment

The three websites that I reviewed were the ones pertaining to the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, the Ova Prima Foundation, and the Buying of Ancestors. All of these articles were complete nonsense and utterly ludicrous, but still were amusing to me.
    The first and my favorite one is the article about the Tree Octopus which claims that it lives in the Pacific Northwest and is endangered. Additionally, it mentions the history of the species and mentions how we can help in saving the octopus. All of this information is presented in a convincing way and even provides "historical images" relating to the Octopus. If I were a small child or a gullible person without any education in biology, it would be extremely likely that I would believe all of this information.
    The second website that I read was about the Ova Prima foundation. This one also contained a lot of bizarre facts about the idolization of eggs. The article also contains a variety of links that reference resear…

Forced Point of View Photo Assignment

I created this photo by placing a candle on my dresser and then by putting my hand in between the camera and the candle so it looked as if I was trying to pick up the candle. The catch is that the candle appears much smaller than it actually is or that my hand appears a lot larger than it really is. I think for someone with really shaky hands, this photo came out quite well, but there still is some room for improvement.

Leading Lines Photo Assignment

This is an image of a few rocks placed together on a deck railing. The way that the photograph was taken allowed for the railing to act as two leading lines to the subject of the image, the rocks. Coming from the lower right and left corners, the lines lead your eyes to the rocks without taking away from the visual appeal of them. I think that this photo came out quite well and has a calming atmosphere.
This is an image of a Yankee candle on a table. Although only slightly visible, the faint lines of the table draw the viewer in toward the candle which has a shiny, attractive visual appeal. the leading lines originate from the bottom center of the image and visually lead the viewer directly into the candle. The photo turned out well in my opinion and contains the simplicity of everyday objects while still creating a beautiful image.
This last photo is one of my favorites and although there are no explicitly shown lines, the decreasing horizontal length of each stair force the eyes to…